The Bullish Case for ACS (

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Growth of Binance Smart Chain

What is ACryptoS and ACS token?

As per the documentation: “ACryptoS is a yield farming optimizer designed for the longer-term investor who values sustainable tokenomics, safety and careful risk management”. ACryptoS is the 17th biggest project on BSC right now according to Defistation with $170M+ total value locked (TVL), and offers 65+ yield-optimizing vaults/strategies from PancakeSwap, MDEX, SwipeSwap and Venus.

Utility of ACS Token

So why would you want to HODL ACS token instead of selling it? 3 simple reasons:

  1. Voting Power of ACS

Buybacks vs Burn

In this reddit post by BlightNight, the topic of buybacks vs burns is discussed. Instead of burning ACS that is bought-back through the generated protocol fees, the bought back ACS is redistributed to the core vault instead to value user commitment to the protocol and generate extra yield for the ACS depositors. There is a log of ACS buybacks maintained by which shows that ACS buybacks are growing overtime, coming to par with the ACS being emitted to farms each day, thereby closing the inflation gap.

Security Track Record

Audit Summary from DefiYield.Info

ACS as a DeFi Yield Index Investment

Here is a unique perspective on the ACS token: A DeFi yield index investment. ACryptoS currently has over 70 vault offerings with many LP vaults giving yields in triple digits. However, taking part in an LP could mean exposing yourself to the risk of impermanent loss, and some people may not be very comfortable with that idea. If you’re looking to gain an exposure to the high yields on credible BSC protocols without wanting to purchase the underlying assets or LPs, buying the ACS token can be a good option for you. 25% performance fee on all vaults is used to buyback ACS and re-distribute it to the core vault. By holding the ACS token you can gain an exposure to the yields of all vaults offered on ACryptoS through the 25% performance fee.

Closing Notes

Please note that this in-depth take on the ACS token is not financial advice, and you are encouraged to do your own research before deciding to buy/hodl/farm ACS. This article serves as a starting point for understanding the tokenomics and fee structure that support ACS as a token, and how/why the system is designed to benefit long-term holders in multiple ways. The tokenomics of ACS are self-sustaining whether it is a bull or bear market, and with continued development on the platform, the long-term value of the token will only increase.



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